slang tongue twist

brand extension on the rez:

tommy hilfiger, adidas, nike, calvin klein

hang loose on brown bodies,

from hats to pants even cool undies


walking billboards is the latest trend

on our littered pow wow grounds

there’s not enough long braids that dangle

or mother tongue words that tangle


skins dance,

but not to the pow wow drum

it’s a hip-hop beat from ghetto streets

here they break dance,

a funky horse prance,

flip high fives

slam each other’s mothers

lay the beats to their blood brothers


brand extension

bush rez and rezurbia

a disillusion of community

where skin is against skin

in a neo-warrior gang clash


slang tongue twist. Foundation of English 9 Edited by Sue Harper and Anita Griffith. Harcourt Canada Ltd. Lethbridge, AB. 2005.



3 thoughts on “slang tongue twist

    • you are meant to be sexy… it’s in your blood. that and salmon, waves, canoes, etc. i will post more. i am still trying to get this all figured out. the tutorials are pretty good. hychka michelle. you rock sistah!


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