big brown beautiful bannock stuffed indians

sit in smoke filled bingo halls

offering silent prayers to the bingo god

while dabbing numbers

wishing for some joonya

dancing the gamble stomp 24-7


while hungry cubs faint

and inhale solvents
in abandoned school yards


beautiful bannock stuffed indians

go snagging on friday nights

one nish fathers thirteen off-spring

from just as many women


they all hate him
‘cept for one little boy

who loves his daddy
and scribbles,

‘i miss you’
 with broken crayons

‘when you coming home?’


bannock stuffed indians keep warm around a garbage can fire

under an empty train bridge that reeks of urine

listerine bottles circle jagged limbs

winos with fresh breath

and i here i sit at home
with a blt

bannock, lard 
and tea

and watch re-runs of north of 60

wondering why

this show is so complex


Published in: Breaking the Surface. Sono Niss Press. Victoria, BC. 2000.


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