mother earth water walk

I had a chance to sit and listen to Nokimis Josephine Mandamin over the weekend at Trent University, Anishnawbe territory of Curve Lake First Nation. This one woman initiated a monumental walk for the life of Water. It always begins with one person.

In Anishnawbe culture, woman (kwe) are the lifegivers, which means we bring and carry life and hold the sacred water with us wherever we go. And being a life-giver, we have power, magic to carry and bring forth life. Our future generations. Also, it is our responsibility to pray and care for the Water.

And in this day we can see how the water is affected by short-sighted choices. Over the centuries it has become a learned custom to dump waste into the Water. This thinking has resulted in what we have now: unclean Water. It’s an epidemic. And it affects every single one of us.

Just do a google search and you will find hundreds of hits of how Water has become a sewage dumping ground or human waste, nuclear waste, oil spills and it goes on and on. And on these sites you will see how people around the world are trying to save the Water, and the life that it sustains. And you will also see how the corporations are protected by regulations set by the governments. This is what it has become. It’s really outrageous.

Please visit the site below. There is a song that is recorded that you can learn. It will take a joined effort of all humans across this earth of ours. We need to take action. Without Water, there will be no life. And we need to do what we can for the future generations. Chi-meegwetch for your attention to this timely matter. Chi-meegwetch to all life-givers and to Nokimis Josephine who has already walked around the entire scope of each Great Lake and the St. Lawrence River along with many other walkers and supporters from many nations.

This site has many resources. Please pass this message on. Click and paste the link below and share with others. May it inspire you and bless you.


2 thoughts on “mother earth water walk

  1. Mohawks at Kahnawake reserve in Quebec are concerned about ships carrying boilers that have residual nuclear dust in each one. These ships are planned to carry these toxic wastes through the St. Lawrence river to take to Sweden’s nuclear waste disposal site. They said if negotiations do not fall through to stop this, they plan on blocking these ships from passing through the waterway past their reserve. If an accident should occur, the river will become contaminated. Their people have used the river for drinking and also swimming and other water leisure activities enjoyed by the community.


    • thanks for posting the information. they’ve been airing it on all the tv and radio stations because it was taken to parliament yesterday and on thursday to stop Bruce Power from using the water to transport the nuclear garbage.

      if you haven’t already, you can join “mother earth water walk 2011” on facebook. and there’s a link that you copy and paste. and there’s also another facebook page “water: our life source” that has lots of information too.


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