indigenous love

indigenous love


it’s a kinda love that sees no boundaries

it’s a kinda love that survives without a constitution

or a bill of rights

indigenous love can over come

all the crap that clouds your eyes,

all is forgiven

because indigenous love is free


i’ve heard that you’re only cousins till midnight

followed by a laugh with a head thrown back

a laugh floating across the land,
 ‘cause you know

there just might be some cousins
 loving each other

right at this moment,
breaking their parent’s hearts

breaking their aunties and uncle’s hearts

i have cousins who fell in some kinda love

i wouldn’t say that love was indigenous

but a love not recommended – that’s for sure

when a brother and sister became grandparents

to the same newborn baby


granny always told me

who i was related to

i knew that i was related to everyone on my reserve

and other reserve’s

in a 10 mile radius

granny knew who was related to who

and, who was the real father of such and such

she knew all the secrets

all the family ties and lies


the kinda indigenous love that i love

is when skin attracts skin

an intermingling of skins

an intertribal skin dance

where all nations come on out

everyone loving the beats

that gets right down into your feet

right down into your soul

making your head bob

and you just gotta dance

‘cause if you keep still

you feel like you’re gonna explode


then comes the whispers

the planning

the scheming

and you just know where the skins are heading

right on down to the rez bar

where another kinda indigenous loving goes on

and it’s all good

it’s all indigenous love

as long as you remember the glove

the rubber

the condom

they’re free down at any friendship centre

protect your piece

protect the one you’re with

especially if you’re getting some love for just one night

cause we all know how small our indigenous community really is

and how fast it’s growing


our numbers are growing at a rate

ten times the national figure

boy, do we know how to love

indigenous love is spreading at a rate

we can’t keep up with

indigenous love is spreading at a rate

we gotta keep up with

‘cause what kid wants to be brought into this world

as a mistake

end up being the reason of a lifetime of resentment

or could of’s,

should of’s,

would of’s

end up with just one parent

while the other seeks out more indigenous love

our indigenous love has to be real

our indigenous love has to be more than just one night

our indigenous love has to continue
to the next millennium

‘cause some of that indigenous love

can get you in the next line up

down at the walk-in clinic

get you some antibiotics

give you that cure to that burn

force you to wear that rubber

force that warrior to wear that rubber

or try using the female condom

it’s larger than life,

for real


protect your piece

protect your future

protect the one you’re with

‘cause sometimes there is no cure

for a disease that stays

it becomes a shadow forever


indigenous love

is something special

it’s beyond the intimacy between two people

it’s between a mother and her newborn

it’s between a father and his newborn

it’s between sisters, brothers, friends

indigenous love comes from our grandparents,

our ancestors

aunties, uncles

even all the ones in the indigenous way

indigenous love is what keeps our circle strong

keeps those boys sitting around that drum strong

keeps those girls strong who dance fancy

keeps a mother strong when pushing out new life

keeps a baby strong when drinking mother’s milk

keeps a man strong to stick around for his children

keeps a child strong when heading out into the world

indigenous love keeps us all strong

to live everyday

to rise with the sun

to celebrate the seasons

to do what you got to do

to survive

‘cause indigenous love

is right here right now


2 thoughts on “indigenous love

    • Miigwetch Crystal. There’s one of my girls and I, dancers at the Odawa pow-wow, my bro Duane and I, my sistah Kristin and I, my eldest brother, Arnold JR. with our father, Arnold SR., and my family at his funeral in Wikwemikong.


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