change is on the wind

Boozhoo, Ahniin, Sago, Bonjour, Greetings!

I would like to acknowledge the Algonquin Anishnaabe people of whose land that I am co-existing on. (Ottawa, Ontario) Miigwetch!

I hope that this reaches you all in good spirits and an abundance of positive energy. I want to share something very exciting happening in our world these days.

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales is taking a huge step towards decency, human responsibility and recognizing the natural laws that govern us all. This new law will be passed and things will change. This “law of mother nature” will recognize that the natural world has equal rights of human citizens. The world is experiencing a wave of higher consciousness as we speak. Since the 60’s when love and peace was paramount in many, so the energy keeps growing and how exciting that really is!

Finally, Indigenous knowledge is being acknowledged and respected on a national level by a whole country. Check out the link here about what Bolivia is doing right now.

Indigenous knowledge always recognized that we are all related – meaning all life on this earth, this planet, our shared home. Indigenous people acknowledges this relationship and recognizes it in prayer, song, dance, clan systems, society structures and basic living and surviving. This relationship is a natural law and something Indigenous people have always stood up for and have been trying to raise awareness since they realized that there are those who seek to destroy the natural world. Colonialism, corruption, and consumerism (and others, this list can definitely grow as it is all connected at some point) is at the root of ignorance and betrayal of the future generations. This is what we need to understand fully and how it affects us so that real change can happen.

And three years ago in Australia adopted “Close the Gap”. What this entails is the Australia government’s pledge to close the gap between Aboriginal Australians and citizens living on their territory in regards to health, education, housing, educations, etc. By doing this they are recognizing Indigenous rights, knowledge and culture. And closing the gap means equality of services to all. And really, it’s about time. This is being introduced here and thank you to Patricia Saulis for making it happen here. I raise my hands to you!

See the link below for the speech by the Prime Minister of Australia.

As we look at these prime examples for positive change, what can we do here in Canada? It’s happening slowly with the introduction of “Close the Gap” here but it can go even further.

“Canada” has made there home on Indigenous territories from sea to sea, west, east, north and south. We see our rights held in front of us and we are asked to make a good argument that these rights be recognized. We see poor water, poor housing, poor education, inadequate places to teach children, poverty, ignorance, across the territories of Indigenous people. What can we do?

There are so many things we can do!

We can educate ourselves and our children. We can rise above the ignorance that we have lived in for way too long.

We can recognize Indigenous people, their territory and acknowledge that we are visiting on their land and thank them for hosting us. This is a huge protocol from the West Coast. I hold my hands high to you in respect. Find out who’s land/territory you are on and acknowledge it in every formal setting ie: school assemblies, general assemblies, concerts, poetry slams, etc. Anywhere people are gathered. You will be educating those in attendance.

We can recognize and acknowledge Indigenous knowledge of this land. Indigenous people have lived here for thousands and thousands of years give them some respect, they know about the ecology, eco systems, plant life, water life, migration systems, water sources, etc. Indigenous people also have a very stable, vibrant, and integral society structure and governance that everybody can learn from. And a long list of teachings that can be shared and learned from.

We can form alliances, more voices, more collectives and positive energy to ignite real change.

We can dance, sing, pray, meditate, or however you choose to celebrate life, let’s do it together! It is proven that this creates positive energy. Transcedental meditation in numbers creates positive changes in people and the environment. Thank you Marie Frawley-Henry for sharing this information with me and many other Indigenous people across the land! Huge respect for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi!

We can have a call of action and put pressure on our traditional Chiefs, elected Chiefs, counsellors, our Clan heads, our matriarchs, our leaders to lead the way on our path to positive change.

We can have a call of action and put pressure on elected officials in the government to rise above and make positive change.

We can approach our district school board to initiate proper education of Indigenous living history. We can encourage our educators to raise awareness, lift the veil of ignorance so that children can grow up to the special gifts they truly are. Let’s raise smart children!

And this list can grow. With our joint effort and energy and collaboration, real change can continue to happen.

We are living in a great time. Let’s seize this opportunity and grow together in our humanity for the future generations. Positive change is in the air and it’s spreading!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to any comments you may have.

With like minds and like hearts, connected on a spirit to spirit level,
and humbly yours,



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