Nanabush meets Jo-Jo

This is a story that I collaborated with my daughter Grace. I was teaching her how to tell Nanabush stories. So we came up with this one. Enjoy!

Nanabush was bored one day and decided to go for a walk. She walked up hills and ran down the other side.  She kicked at white puffy dandelions then chased the flying seeds.  She kept walking until she heard the whimpering of a little oddly shaped creature.

Nanabush hid behind the trunk of a prickly pine tree and peaked around to check things out. The oddly shaped creature was talking to herself saying, I am not a rock. You can’t sit here. Then burst into big huge uncontrollable sobs.

Nanabush jumped out from her peaking spot and exclaimed, Never fear Nanabush is here!

The little oddly shaped creature jumped backwards and fell on her behind.

Oops, why does that always happen? Nanabush thought to her self… out loud.

Because you’re Nanabush, that’s why, says the oddly shaped creature.

Tell me what is the matter my little oddly shaped beauty? Nanabush sat on the ground and patted her hand next to her encouraging her new friend to sit.

It’s Jo-jo! said Jo-jo quickly.

Jo-jo, really that’s an unusual name for a what, what are you?

I am not a rock.

A rock?! Of course not. Why are you so upset?

Somebody sat on me just before you showed up. I was having a nap in the sun. It’s so beautiful out.

Then someone sat on you?

Yes, that’s right. Someone sat on me while I was sleeping! And that’s not the first time.

Hmmm…. And that’s not the first time this happened? Really?

It’s happened a lot.

Okay Jo-jo, why don’t you show me how you were sleeping.

Jo-jo nodded her head in agreement. She circled around and sniffed the ground then settled into a little ball. Jo-jo closed her eyes shut pretending to sleep.

She waited.

And she waited.

She waited for Nanabush to say something. She opened one eye slowly and peered at Nanabush.

Nanabush had her hands over her eyes swaying back and forth.

Ah, Nanabush, said Jo-jo.

Are you ready?

Ready, yes I am.

Okay. Nanabush removed her hands and popped her eyes open and looked around for Jo-jo. She went to the pine and looked behind it then looked in front of it. She didn’t see Jo-jo anywhere. So she sat down.

Oww! Get off of me! Jo-jo screamed.

Nanabush jumped 10 feet high off the ground then landed in front of Jo-jo.

There you are Jo-jo! Where were you?

You sat on me!

No I didn’t! I was sitting on a rock!

I am not a rock.

Wait, do that again. Jo-jo curled up again.

Wow, that’s cool. You look like a rock!

That little rock began to whimper.

Nanabush brushed her hand over Jo-jo’s body and leaned against the pine tree. She patted Jo-jo’s back and said, Never fear Jo-jo. Nanabush is here. She looked up thinking, dreaming. Some pine needles sprinkled around her.

Nanabush picked up those needles and sprinkled them all over Jo-jo’s little oddly shaped body. Those needles stuck straight up all over Jo-jo.

Jo-jo looked up at Nanabush.

Now Jo-jo no one will ever mistake you for a rock, ever, ever again.

Jo-jo squealed. She ran over to Nanabush with open arms. Nanabush held her arms open and gave her a big hug. The needles pricked Nanabush in the arms and Nanabush jumped backwards landing on her behind.

Eee-yaw pine needles! Jo-jo laughed, Ha ha ha ha… thank you Nanabush, thank you!

Nanabush nodded away, walking down a path while picking out the porcupine needles.


2 thoughts on “Nanabush meets Jo-Jo

    • hey larry, glad you like it!! grace carries all of that in her dna. she’s definitely born with it. good thing you’re awesome and i’m awesome because she brings the best of the both of us in her little wee cree self! and storm, she’s equally awesome with her love and passion for piano, visual art and being free. we did a good job :o)


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