One undeniable truth

Things just don’t seem right. Or is it that nothing makes sense to me anymore. Or have they ever made sense. These are not questions. These are statements. When I think about this world and how beautiful it is I am humbled. When I think about nature, eco-systems, and the natural order of life and the natural laws that govern life, I think how perfect it is. In the natural world there is a natural flow and a natural progression. When I look at the natural world it does not scare me or creates chaos within me. I know that the natural world will not try to destroy me, enslave me, oppress me, nor will it try to colonize me.

I am Anishnaabe. And being Anishnaabe means that I am an original person, a human being, if you will, from this Earth. The Earth is my teacher. The water, the air, the fire, the eco-systems, and the natural order and natural laws teach me and they govern me. Anishnaabek like many Indigenous people around the globe have these same principles. It is being aware of all that is and being aware that at a very fundamental level we are all one, we are all connected. And we are all on the same level and when I say this what I mean is that we are equals. And knowing this makes me feel the way I do that things do not make sense to me. There is no sense in the way the natural world is treated.

Over thousands of years humans lived in harmony with the world around them. Anishnaabek-Humans have always respected the natural order and the natural laws. Deep down at a spirit level there is respect and honour for all living things. These are teachings that I have learned over the years. And I am sharing these teachings with you as they were shared with me in a good way. Anishnaabek-Humans know deep down that all life is sacred, the earth is sacred, the water is sacred, the air is sacred and the fire is sacred. These elements and life can easily give and it can easily take a way. In this way nothing is permanent. All is progressing in a natural rhythm. And it is the sacred in all that is honoured and cherished. So when I hear about destruction of the natural world it makes no sense to me. The natural world does not devise plans or has no mission statement to destroy humans. But there are people who work together with like minds and like hearts that seek to destroy, dominate, and colonize the natural world. And these people make me wonder about them.

This is where I start to think that these people are not originally from this earth. They are not Anishnaabe, original people, human. They can not be humans from this earth. How can a Human from this Earth destroy it’s home? Destroy the water? Destroy the air? Destroy other humans? And destroy our neighbors, our co-inhabitants the animal life, the bird life, the water life, and the earth life?

Or is it that these people have destroyed everything in themselves that makes them distinguishable as being human?

It makes no sense.

It never has made sense to me.

When I think of who I am it is all in that one word. Anishnaabe. Everything I am is in that one word. And Anishnaabe means original person from this land. It means being human from this planet. How can people call themselves “human” and still go out and destroy the world around them? How can people call themselves “human” and not see that all life is connected at a fundamental level, a spiritual level? How can people call themselves “human” and not see what makes them human is being destroyed by their own ignorance, greed, and dominating persona? Sometimes I think these type of people are from somewhere else and not this planet. Because they are here destroying my planet and colonizing my planet and destroying everything that makes me Anishnaabe-Human. And they are so close to succeeding at destroying every single life form that stands in their way of dominating all that is.

And what do I do to stop all of this from happening?

I pray. I mediate. I lay down some tobacco and I pray. I pray that all the real people, the original people, the real humans of this land, this planet will rise up and stand up for the natural world. I pray that all humans will wake up and accept what makes them human. I pray that humans will re-connect to the spirit that makes them human. I pray that humans will create a real community and create harmony once again. I pray for all the technicians, environmentalists, scientists, engineers, gardeners, educators, and artists to co-create sustainable living, sustainable energy, healthy organic food, balancing and protecting diverse eco-systems, re-creating a more balanced and functional educational system, creating beautiful, healthy, and inspiring artistic expression, and honouring and respecting our traditional knowledge for caring and co-existing with all life.

I envision a new world.

I envision a world where humans once again live in harmony with all that is. I envision children being celebrated, cherished, protected, and educated based on their individual gifts. I envision humans taking the time to mediate and pray and heal. I envision elders being celebrated, cherished, protected, and being taken care of and their stories and knowledge being accessed. I envision women being celebrated, protected, honoured, restored as co-creators and sacred lifegivers. I envision men being celebrated, protected, honoured, and restored as co-creators, and sacred protectors and firekeepers. I envision a world where the spirit of all is re-connected and rooted deep into the Earth.

I envision a new world of humans waking up and being conscious, and being present.

I envision a new world where all humans accept being human and what that encompasses. I envision a world where we remember who we really are. I envision a world where all humans recognize and celebrate our similarities and see ourselves in each other.

We are all humans. And what makes me Anishnaabe makes you human too. And that my friends is one undeniable truth.


10 thoughts on “One undeniable truth

  1. “Or is it that these people have destroyed everything in themselves that makes them distinguishable as being human?”

    So much grief and sadness. So many people with holes in their souls seeking to fill those spiritual gaps with physical things – the true curse of a “consumer (i.e. “devourer) based economy. “They” decide what’s smart enough, pretty enough. . .GOOD enough, and pound the Earth into products to “help” those who don’t cut it meet the highly arbitrary and artificially created standards.

    I, too, offer tobacco and smoke. I, too, pray that one day this mask will slip and all will see each other as we really are…physical manifestations of Spirit, through which his light may enter this world in the form of love and compassion.

    I pray for strength for all those, like yourself, who carry the light into the dark places of this world…the places where it is so desparately needed…


    • Miigwetch StandingWest. I appreciate your thoughts. I am working on something for this like positive solutions and further research. I know that I am not done with this topic because writing, stories, teachings, and sharing keeps coming to me so that I can share with others. Take care. Blessings. Unity and Prayer.


  2. Sometimes I feel like I am so naive in all of this. I know that there is a whole history of dominating cultures that seek to colonize others and the natural world. I know about it but to me it makes no sense, at all. And at the root of it all this is how I really feel. That we are all humans. And if you are not originally from this planet then you should honour it, respect it and it’s inhabitants. Otherwise, you should leave because we don’t want what you’re selling.


    • Yes, that would be the respectful thing to do. Honoring the pain one’s actions caused others, and ceasing those actions, would also be honorable. I guess you and I are asking people to mature, to be responsible and caring. Yet, it seems so hard for peole to grow up these days.

      In the meantime, while we act and wait, I appreciate your honesty and courage in sharing your feelings and dreams. You speak eloquently.



  3. Vera,

    I struggle with similar feelings and thoughts. There is a madness I cannot understand. This madness poses as knowledge and power, but is really greed and fear. Some people believe they are not of this world, and live accordingly. This is their truth. Maybe its the same truth that blinded the original colonists to our presence. I am at a loss as to have to address this, so I to pray, offer tobacco and flowers, and seek to hold a vision of a sane world.


    • Michael, It is madness and insanity that is at the root of it all. I have struggled for so long with this and it is a loss of knowing what to do about it because there is no easy fix. I see our fellow humans fighting against this madness everyday and that is one way to say enough is enough. But the result of it, in my eyes, is creating more feelings of failure, frustration, anger, which is so self-defeating. So this is why I too pray, meditate and ask for guidance and to seek out more people who think and act like me with like minds and like hearts so that we create positive energy. And I guess another way is to seek to educate ourselves about what makes us human. We should really focus on our similarities. When I hear about Buddha, Jesus, Bob Marley and Barney, at the root of it all is balance, respect, honour and love. Thank you Michael. With you in prayer and spirit. Miigwetch.


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