Finding the drum, finding the beat

There is something raw behind music.

At the very place where music is created is spirit. This can be said for many forms of creative expression. Yet, music can be transforming and transcending. Music brings rhythm. Music searches for those beats, those innate rhythms within all of us.

And it all began in the womb where we heard our first beat. Those heart beats of our mother were our source of music, rhythm, and magic. Why magic? Because since we were born we always tried to re-create that beat and that deep bass that resonates at your very core and runs the blood trap lines throughout your body, your heart, and your spirit.

A good friend of mine, Leena Minifie made this experimental media art piece, “Connected by Innate Rhythm” that looked at this innate rhythm that is within each of us. It is brilliant and explores Indigenous traditional music with drums, sticks, rattles, logs, voice, chanting and throat singing and how those traditional roots has progressed to hip-hop, and electronic music. Music brings freedom of expression but at the heart of it all is that beat, that internal rhythm.

I recently attended “MUTEK” an electronic and digital arts festival in the heart of Montreal (Mohawk Traditional Territory). If you’ve ever been to Montreal you know the joie de vie that is present in that city. MUTEK hosted a five day event bringing together DJ’s and digital artists who re-create that rhythm, that deep bass, those massive beats.

Daega Sound System, Sunshine Coast, BC

When I was on the floor by the speakers, it was an audio dream to the max, I understood that deep seated need to re-connect with those heartbeats. Underlying the music being created LIVE was that heart beat sometimes fast, sometimes slow, and sometimes out of control. But it was there. That Innate Rhythm.

It is like we are always seeking those tribal roots that we carry within. DJs are re-creating some basic beats and rhythms that explore a tribal identity. Now, I am not sure if they see it this way, but I certainly do. And when you see people dance to this music, you witness a community gathering where expression is paramount. It was amazing to see that Innate Rhythm and that connection we have to the drum, the heart beat and the rhythm that rides those blood lines.

You can see Leena’s video at the link below.




2 thoughts on “Finding the drum, finding the beat

  1. Thank you for such a beautiful rendition of the DJ’s place in the world. You nailed it. Wished I could have gone to Montreal with you. Dances with turntables, kwe


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