it is a women’s world

it is a woman’s world


this skin that covers me head to toe is white birch bark

with layers and layers that collect year after year

stories, memories, laughter, pain, struggles, celebration


we share experiences and learn from each other

like we have always done since we were little girls

sitting beside our grandmothers and aunties and mothers as they talked

while cleaning fish, making baskets, braiding hair,

weeding in a garden, putting up a teepee, starting a fire


we all heard stories of how our women became mothers

teachers, executive directors, environmentalists, linguists,

lawyers, doctors, writers, sex educators, mid-wives


and the reason why women do it

because there are women in this world that need us to do it for them

women need us to believe in them

women need us to fight for them

women need us to write down their stories

women need us to educate the ignorant ones

women need us to teach others about safer sex,

having the right to say no,

to stand up and say i am worth it


women, and men, need us to help give birth to a new generation

who will carry on what we do today

understanding that we need to work together in solidarity

to have each other’s back because what we do today

is not just for ourselves

but for all humanity, and the natural world

because all is at stake


and to bring it all back to having skin like a white birch bark tree

when i look at the peeling bark

i can see generations and generations of women

who are just like me

who make decisions based on that responsibility of being a woman

and that responsibility

is life

and making things better for those who will walk after us


dedicated to all the beautiful and fabulous indigenous women attending women’s world 2011 on unceded algonquin territory aka ottawa, on.


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