on you tube i came across a video about the pineal gland and the dream state


when you are awake the pineal gland lies dormant in your brain and is shaped

like a small pine cone. during sleep mode, a light goes on in the brain

r.e.m begins and the pineal gland is activated

the pineal gland emits dmt


at low doses, enough to wake the dreamer


mystics lived in this state of lucid dreaming

where myths are made

where supernaturals live

and where our spirits fly


schitzophrenics’ pineal glands never shut off

living in a dream world with eyes wide open and no one to guide them

under medication they are sleep/dream walking


the pineal gland is also activated under the influence of

lsd, marijuana, peyote, opium

external sources of this psychedelic trip

into the unknown realms of the brain


once i had a dream


i lived for a very long time. days, weeks, months, and years passed where i lived in a four-sided home that had the bare necessities and i was content. till one day i sat in this room and had an immeditate realization, which is weird because this is a dream. it was becoming aware for the first time. like waking up. but in a dream.


i realized that something was missing but i didn’t know what because i never experienced such a thing before. and as far as I know this was a new experience. the need, the wanting consumed me as I obsessed on what exactly it was.


i slumped against a wall with a growing tug inside of me. something began to pull at me. as this feeling absorbed me, this male figure came in my room. and this room was my entire universe. this is where I lived and was content. until now.


i wasn’t scared. i knew him. i watched him as he came through a wall that seemed to vanish as he passed through. he asked me the usual questions as he noticed a drop in my energy. something was definitely not right. yet, he left me once again through that door in the wall. as the door lowered to the floor i quickly rolled under as it closed.


i became a small ball of blue incandescent light and i flew far from that place. i flew away from a small island with white sand beaches that was surrounded by blue green water.


i was free.


i was free and i flew fast out of the stratosphere into the space beyond. i travelled past other planets in a swoosh faster than light. i felt the wind in my face. i breathed in freedom.


i travelled for a very long time. i was searching, flying past planets, star nations. something deep inside was tugging me, leading me.


i came to this planet and skimmed across the surface to many places where people dwell. following that tug i came upon this house. i sat on its window’s ledge. this is where i was led.


inside this dwelling was a family. a woman, a man and two little boys. this was a lively bunch with fighting and cursing going on. and this is where i went through that window…


and opened my eyes.


in another dream



i am

the wind


in another dream

i can’t get off the ground and my teeth are flying out of my mouth as i speak


in another dream

vampires wearing black trench coats are chasing me

as they close in i feel brimstone breath hot on my neck


in another dream

care bears teach me that love conquers all

we hold hands in a circle as we say “we care” over and over again as the vampires turn to smoke that blows away to nothing


in another dream

i have a big huge penis and it freaks me out. i can’t even touch it

it’s heavy and sways with every movement

it bangs against my leg and i know that this is all wrong

it doesn’t fall off and i am afraid to even touch it

i look down at it and it rises up and winks at me

i wake up screaming and i touch myself

all over saying miigwech, miigwech, miigwech that i am anishnaabe:kwe


in other dream

i am a black woman crossing a bridge walking hand in hand with my daughter

we on our way to work and an old yellow bus load of whites goes by

they throw apple cores, over-ripe tomatoes, and empty pop cans at us

i grip my daughter’s hand tighter and raise my head higher


in another dream

i am washing dishes and looking out the window

zaabii runs back and forth in the back of our métis log house

sasquatch gets closer and closer till we are face to face

the window is at least eight feet from the ground

he makes funny faces at me

i wake up laughing

and i smell wild rice, swamp, and muskeg


in another dream

i am talking to god

she is beautiful in her safari outfit

and when she laughs

she throws back her head

her mouth is wide open

and she tells me to call her nanabush


in another dream

people with no eyes are taking away my children

i chase after them as they drive away in a big blue van

but my legs quit working. they turn to iron

and my feet are soldered to the earth


in another dream

i am swimming

and this is the only other time i really feel free


in another dream

i live another life from beginning to end

when i die i wake up to find that i am here now


and at some point i realize and i accept dreams are like that


reality collides with illusion

or is it all an illusion?


is it real?


i pick up a dream dictionary at a yard sale and i look up some of my dreams and this is what it says:


teeth falling out: you have a low self-esteem and living in fear


vampires: someone is literally sucking the life source out, leaving you life-less


swimming: you feel free to do as you please.


penis: if you are a man this is considered normal. if you’re a woman you have to find a special dream analyst for this.


bears: protection, medicine, and family. appendix: this include care bears.


if ever you dream of being another person:

there is nothing in this dream dictionary that says what this means


i think it means that dream life is real

dream life and reality co-exist


every night, i close my eyes knowing


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