blood part two

in the middle of a blueberry field

the waters came

spilling to the ground


hands wrap around a belly full of life

dropping a basket of berries

bouncing, rolling across rocky terrain


she leans against a pine tree with low branches

instincts kick in, she squats and pushes

with every contraction she rides the waves

that ebb and flow rocking her body


she tears her skirt off and growls

from deep within agony escapes into the air

it echoes into the forest sending crows in flight

the murder of caws are alarming


women step out from the forest with baskets in hand

they rush to their sisters side


blood rolls down her flexed legs

drips, drops into the ground

as she pushes her feet further into the mossy earth

her head whips back and her screams echo

robins, chickadees, blue jays take flight

their wings flapping in a rapid succession


she turns towards the tree and wraps her arms around the base

she squats, holding her breath, pushing, exhales, pushing further into the earth, the blood cascades down her legs as a point of a baby’s head protrudes from her vagina, she growls and digs her heels in and holds her breath and pushes, and her sisters are there singing a song that is older than this tree waiting with open hands, and the baby’s body slides the rest of the way out and is welcomed into the world

mama rolls onto the ground, hair smeared across her forehead

her baby is placed on her naked belly

she brings her baby to her breast in shaky hands

the baby suckles that first gulp of mother’s milk


with another final push she births the placenta

her sisters make a fine cut between the baby and the cord

that sustained life and anchored mother to baby

under that tree a hole is dug

the placenta is wrapped in the ripped skirt

then placed into the hole with blueberries and tobacco

the dirt is replaced and patted


forever the earth will remember this birth

this connection to the earth will always bring this baby home


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