insects, wind, strawberries, sun

coasting down the hillside

a summer breeze filled with sun ripe strawberries

flows over my body in waves


under a pine tree i rest

the shade offers me comfort

as the insects sing in a melody

that makes me take deep

slow breaths

sweat streams down the back of my head

there is a breeze but it is slight

enough to hear it blow through the tall grasses


i listen

i hear this glorious rhythms of these insects

i wonder who they are

where they are

and what they are singing


it does make me slow myself

and meditate

and listen to this song with so many layers

in 5.1 surround sound


i think this is the point of this song

is to stop and listen

and wait for the rhythms

to be learned

and to connect it to the rhythms

of the slowing beat of my heart


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