they passed on

many words

words that make up stories

stories that breathe life into me

stories that remind me of who i am and where i come from

where the blood that flows through life lines

where the spirits sit by fires

where stories and songs begin and do not end

they passed on knowledge

and the strength in knowledge

knowledge that digs into the earth taking root

these roots spread beyond any sense of time

ancestors root deep into my being

my blood – my memory

my blood memory

they passed on the sacredness of all life

they passed on songs that carry heart beats

a beat ignites words

words grow knowledge

knowledge spreads seeds

seeds take root into the earth

earth creates a beat

beat carries a song

they passed on and breathed words

words resonate beats

beats rhythm songs

songs give life

life beats stories

stories breathe truth
 to me,
to you, to creation



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