drum – a love song

i wanna be a drum made from deer skin

stretching, reaching for the edges

sinew meets and braids criss-cross

a hand holds in a firm grip

yielding to the songs you will sing


yielding to a beat you carry deep within

and a breath you hold steady

as a song forms from dreams and spirit speak


i wanna be a drum you carry in the bag nokimis made

from an old pair of wranglers and a left-over ribbon shirt

stitched together in a seam of protection

you carry me close, protecting me from bad medicine

bad thoughts and bad memories


i wanna be a drum you bring on the pow-wow trail

wrapped in a star blanket

you paint me with sacred ochre and tie eagle feathers around me

you offer me saymaa

and pray for me to become one with you


i wanna be a hand drum at a round dance

with one hand you hold me close to your body

while another hand circles,

round and round as you murmur prayers to me

heating my surface

so that i will speak true with a strong voice

and my deer hide skin breathes

responding deep resonating beats


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