when i hear your voice










it reminds me of the rolling bubbles
of maple sap boiling on an open flame
and it makes me wanna tap
every-single-tree out there
so i can gather all the delicious, nutrious maple sap
and always have access to the sweetness that is your breath when you speak

i want to drink it in big gulps where i lose my breath because this thirst is insatiable
in fact, i wanna hook right up to an iv and get a steady drip
and when i think about this
it’s still not enough
because that voice needs to be heard first
it is the wind that travels across the land

from tundra it gathers muskox
a timber that lies low in wait

from desert it gathers tumbleweeds
rolling off a curved tongue

from rainforests it gathers moisture
syllables drip, falling at your feet where plants spring

from the streets of the urban wilderness
slick beats are in each constanant

from the oceans it gathers waves
an ebb and flow of sigh and breath

from the sky clouds drift in ripples
an ever changing emotion

so when i hear your voice, it is layered with all of this

and it even reminds me of constellations
and the rings around saturn
and the atmosphere that wraps around the earth

your voice is a mesmer
i wanna hear it in my dreams
it sings me lullabies
as my head falls
my spirit lifts
and lies on the back
that is your voice











we drift to a place in the furthest reach
the highest peak
where we can touch heaven
because your voice is

an ancient breath
textured in thought

it brings us closer
where gzhemnido wants us to be

in that stillness
somewhere between the shadows
that space between the inhale and exhale
where we gather
thought, breath, and voice


2 thoughts on “when i hear your voice

  1. Hi Vera,

    I was wondering where your writing had gone. I look forward to following your thoughts!

    Thanks for reconnecting with my blog.


    • Hey Michael!! Yeah sorry about that 😦 I did this rearranging of my blog last month and perhaps a bit too hasty but I lost all my subscriptions and following other blogs including yours. But I am back on it now. Phew!! Wishing you all the best for this new year. Many blessings for a creative, productive, inspiring, energetic, and loving year. Peace, Vera


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