nanabush comes up with a new fragrance

Nanabush was bored one day and decided to go for a walk. She walked forwards and backwards. She jumped over puddles and crossed bridges. She kept walking until she bumped into a small furry creature.

That little creature sat on a rock overlooking a small puddle of rainwater. It was looking at its reflection on the surface. It was ooing and ahhing as Nanabush came up beside and peered over its shoulder. The little creature was startled and gasped, “Nanabush! You almost made me tumble into this puddle.” The little creature turned to Nanabush with it’s hands on her hips and scrutinized Nanabush up and down.

“What were you oohing and ahhing about just then?” Nanabush inquired and looked rather closely at this little creature and sniffed her up and down at the same time.

The little creature smoothed out it’s fur, patting here and patting there. “At myself,” as she said this she sat back on the rock and looked back down at her reflection. “Am I not the most beautiful creature you ever laid eyes on?”

Nanabush pursed her lips together and tapped her head with one of her fingers, “Well now that you mentioned it, you are quite beautiful. How often do you groom your fur, it’s so silky and smooth.” Nanabush reached out her hand to feel its fur.

The little creature quickly moved away before she could be touched. “Please Nanabush your hands are dirty and you will mess up my fur.” She patted her fur all over again.

Nanabush sniffed the wind that was blowing gently. It said to her fall is on the way and with that making way for winter’s grand entrance. “Did you hear that little one?”

“Hear what?” asked the little creature, looking up at Nanabush.

“It will be winter soon.” Nanabush circled around the little creature and then sat next to her on the rock. Nanabush sat awkwardly on the edge. She scrutinized the little creature, up, down and all around and asked, “Do you have your den ready? Do you have your winter supply ready?” The little creature quickly jumped off the rock then sauntered this way and swaggered that way. She even twirled about on the tips of her paws so that Nanabush could take in all her beauty from all angles.

“What’s with all these questions Nanabush?” the little creature turned to look at herself in the puddle again.

Nanabush let her hand brush the little one’s forehead then along the spine to the tip of the little bushy tail leaving a white streak.

The little creature loved being petted by Nanabush but quickly realized with horror the streak left behind in which she shrieked, “NANABUSH!! How could you?” She charged Nanabush who quickly climbed up the nearest tree chuckling at the cleverness of it all.

“How could I? Don’t you mean how couldn’t I? You need a lesson little one and I am Nanabush, the one who teaches.”

The little creature was whimpering while looking at her reflection.

“Don’t worry you are still stunning and what’s that? What’s that smell?” Nanabush sniffed the air and giggled.

The little creature sniffed and it was coming from her. “Nanabush!” she cried out again.

“Oh little one! It’s really not that bad. In fact I think I helped you out.” Nanabush sat down on the rock and looked at her. She took a whiff then used her fingers to pinch her nose close.

“I don’t see how you helped me Nanabush! You are so mean!” the little creature threw herself on the ground crying, kicking and starting to scream.

“That’s enough you little skunk. Ooh that sounds good, I think I will name you skunk. Now, now listen here. Now everyone will smell you coming and will enjoy your beauty from a distance. You will never have to be scared of being eaten ever again. You can thank me later,” Nanabush began to skip around with glee all the while clapping her hands together in a beat all her own.

Skunk looked up at Nanabush who was now doing a little fancy dance making her very angry. Skunk then kicked her legs up in the air and pointed herself towards Nanabush and sprayed. Nanabush stopped in mid-air and screamed.

“Now Nanabush you will never forget me. You can thank me later,” skunk said with a great big grin then turned while lifting her tail in the air and wiggled away into the forest.

Nanabush jumped into the puddle then rolled around covering herself in mud trying to get the smell off. Nanabush began to giggle then it grew into uncontrollable laughter that echoed into the forest.  And if you listen hard enough you can still hear Nanabush laughing at the cleverness of it all.


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