i wake early before the sun rises

and the moon hangs alone in the skies

stars are but faint winks

the mist gathers along wild rice shores

and here you wait


your hand glides along the tips of the tall grasses

there is a chime as dew drops in shallow puddles

it is in this time where you are perfect

and alive with the life that was taken


here you are still mother, sister, auntie

and the grandmother you will become

as the sun breaks the horizon

all is not lost

there is balance hidden here

and the truth between light and day

in the golden light blinking along a line

frozen in time


you tell me where dreams are held

in the seed not yet cracked as it waits

for me to remember to put it in the earth

and water it

you whisper, your voice is the wind

live for me

dance for me

sing for me

plant this seed and let it grow

for this life does not end with me

it continues

let the seed grow deep

in the soul of our mother

roots braid into creation

it gathers strength of our ancestors

our blood memory breaks the surface

of the black earth, our efforts to remember

that life is to be celebrated


the dew forms around where you once stood

and will stand again

before the sun rises and the moon sets

this is your place

where you will live

and will never be forgotten.


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