Media Release: manoomin bwaadang getting published

I am pleased to announce that my first collection of poetry, “manoomin bwaadang: wild rice dreams” will be published by Bookland Press (Ontario) in the near future. I am grateful for all who have supported me: family, friends, mentors, and peers. I am blessed to have this creative gift. And I am blessed to have the support from the ones I love and cherish.

manoomin bwaadang: wild rice dreams is a collection of poetry that delves into the human experience from a nishnaabe perspective. Relationships between people, the land, dreams, memory, cycling, the queen, and tricksters all play an integral role in the complex life of being a nishnaabe while being accessible to a wide range audience. The poems are located in the city where I’ve lived my entire life so it also vibrant with daily occurrences while living in British Columbia and Ontario.

I am grateful for the generous support from Ontario Arts Council’s Works in Progress grant and Canada Council for the Arts partnership with the Banff Centre for the Art’s Aboriginal Emerging Writers Residency. These grants and programs provided me the time and the mentorship of Marilyn Dumont to get this manuscript completed. Gchi Miigwech!

Thank you for coming by this blog. Some of the poems you’ve read here will be in the collection and there are more that you’ve never read before. If you’ve like what you read here, well, you are in for treat because it gets more intriguing. You will taste the earth, sky, air, and fire, yes fire because it’s the passion that drives the creative spirit.

Stay tuned, stay connected and breathe. Many blessings.

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