I live near the Ottawa River where there’s a bike path that runs along it. It’s less than 5 minutes away so I can go down there anytime. There’s been a draught here like many other places. The little maple and oak saplings dried up by mid-July. The leaves are changing, the grass is super dry and the colour of wheat. The river has receded and is more shallow than previous years.

In the past week it’s rained about 5 times – in bursts. I went down when it was misty one morning. As soon as I went out it reminded me of the west coast. And when I say I love that rainforest mist would be an understatement. To feel that mist fall on my skin brought me to a place of pure joy. As I walked along the path I realized I wasn’t alone in this feeling. It was like I could sense relief, joy, gratitude, and love for the rain from all around me. The leaves on the trees and plants glistened and were vibrant. The greens were vibrating with joy. The crickets, frogs, and birds were singing and dancing.

Yes life is good.

It’s hot again. As I ride the sun beats down. Near the water there’s shade and usually a nice breeze to offer just a bit of relief. When it’s hot like this the songs of the frogs, crickets, and cicadas take on another type of sound and rhythm. Its slower and builds to a crescendo with the help from the cicadas. When I hear this song in particular I slow down to a complete stop. I let these rhythms and vibrations wash over me. It even slows down my breathing and focuses my attention on breath. I am in that stillness where everything is crystal clear and I grasp new knowledge.

And its in this stillness I have learned something very valuable. That this song of the frogs, crickets, and cicadas are truth. That this truth is the closest one can get to their original instructions from Gzhemindo, the creator of all life. In this moment of chirping, croaking, and buzzing these tiny creatures are in tune with their calling. And this calling brings joy, happiness, love, and peace. It’s at this moment that I have a deeper understanding that this is the truth for all living things. If you are true to your calling and your life’s purpose, you are acting in accordance to your original instructions from Gzhemindo. And when you do that you spread joy and you connect with the life force of all creation.

So be true.


2 thoughts on “Stillness

  1. Vera, thank you for reminding us to pay attention to Creation and our life purpose! Here the dry summer has given way to some rain. The crickets are unimaginably loud – or maybe that is just my new hearing aids making them seem so. There are hints of color in the trees. Everywhere are signs of encouragement to return to the original instructions.

    Of course, most of us find we must work to return to remember the instructions. I imagine the Creator knows that, and will expect us to account for ourselves anyway. I imagine S/he enjoys the stories that arise from our efforts, and engages in occasional generous laughter.


    • Lol… hearing aids in 5.1 surround sound! Sometimes I feel like I am just waking up. And I look around with a new sense of purpose and understanding. And I believe that Creator has many laughs too! Just because if feels so good!


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