i crawl into earth




dig my fingers deep 
into moist dark earth

burrow a hole big enough to crawl into

back to where i came from

my mother’s womb.



i never asked for a life
 in this hell of political shame

where spirits shy away from

this place of predators

vampire hunters gather us

suck our energy

seize our spirit


this land,

vast with natural resources

this sacred earth

no one should go hungry

go without shelter


yet, my brothers, my sisters

are looked upon without compassion

without understanding hardships, despair

or lives gone wrong


instead, careless hearts

divert eyes 
so that they never meet,

never connect


inside judgment goes on:

they deserve to be there on that grimy street

they want to be there
on that empty corner

street rats, skids,
winos, crack heads,

prostitutes & pimps


in this city life

concrete giants hover above tiny bodies,

ants trailing behind one by one in a man-made gridlock

towering prison guards block escape

lined up shoulder to shoulder along urban routes

manipulated dreams of conquered nations,

ndns killed during a relay of false truths,

words carried on a lifeless breath

unconnected to the mind and heart

treaties signed with alcohol,

tools used to trick, seduce & steal


false trades without proper counsel

shared resources for kings & queens

building great civilized & colonized nations

on a land already spoken for

territory with natural laws,

peoples from societies & clans



my hole is dug deep

i crawl into it, the earth, my mother

in this warm dark womb

wrap arms around knees & hold close to chest


the inner thunder that waits


tears are the rain that flows

steady down mountains

earth shakes & convulses

contractions tremble creation.


a full moon rises above,

nookomis giiziis medicine

her light cleanses
 deep inside,

and, outside of me


hush nadonis,

her heart beats lullabies

urging me into dream

my body takes fetal shape

giizis sneaks up in the eastern sky

eyes open, fluttering like a butterfly

stretch stiff limbs on all fours, mukwa

crawls out of earth, my mother,

brand new.


2 thoughts on “i crawl into earth

  1. Yes, I too know what it feels like to want curl into the fetal position and be reabsorbed into the comforting earth, escaping the cruel and compassionless world of mankind. Good poem.


    • For real. Maybe that’s why I spend so much time alone connecting to the natural world. I feel very fortunate that I live close to a river, a bike path, and a forested protected area. As you know living in the city green space is hard to find. I find myself holding earth in the palms in my hand and breathing deeply. It smells soooo good!


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