wonders of the brain

The other night I had a dream of fire.

I was visiting with a friend and her children who were babies in the dream. I left this room and when I came back there was this raging fire. A firefighter had one of her babies swaddled in his arms. The flames were at his back. He was being consumed. He took the baby and threw the baby in the air. I dove forward and caught the baby. And I ran towards an opening where there was no blazing fire. There were two girls and I motioned them to run with me as their mother was being carried away falling to unconsciousness. She was safe. I had to save these girls and her baby.

We ran together with the heat all around us. We ran for this car to drive away in but there wasn’t enough time to do that. The fire was going to embrace us all in a matter of seconds. I was wearing shorts and the heat was burning like sitting in the sun for hours but this was a fraction of the time. We ran faster and faster. We were out of harm and we were safe.

I woke up. I could still feel that intense heat on my legs.

And this is the power of our brains. Have you ever had these kinda dreams where it feels so real like yes, this is really happening. And it scares the crap out of you? Or it really does feel like you are swimming with humpback whales?

Our imaginations and visions have that power to create something that extraordinary – sensational.

Is this why meditation, prayer, and vision quests can empower our spirits, minds, and bodies? The power of our brains needs to be harnessed so that we can achieve our true potential and purpose. With this knowledge comes great responsibility. I think that’s what Yoda said or was it Buddha?


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