Poetry Reading August 2012

Back last month I was asked by a friend, Pei-ju, to read some poetry for “First Voices! First Women Speak! A teach in and community gathering here in Ottawa – aka Algonquin Unceded Anishnaabe Territory. http://ipsmo.wordpress.com/2012/07/08/first-voices-first-women-speak-a-teach-in-and-community-gathering/

It was hot and muggy in the gymnasium at the Odawa Native Friendship Centre but, that didn’t deter those who came. People were drawn by writers and performers who seek to enlighten those still the dark of their colonized minds. Lee Maracle, Leeann Simpson, Claudette Commanda, Viola Thomas, and Moe Clark were those women who speak and share knowledge passed down generation and generation. They give voice to the voiceless. They raise awareness where none existed before. So for me to be part of this day was a true blessing.
For those of you who were not there I am very pleased to share with you the video recordings of this day. Click here and enjoy!! Also, take a look at all the other videos. IPSMO works towards shedding light on Indigenous Issues and organizes tirelessly here in Ottawa and else where.




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