creation stories

a treaty creation story

in the beginning, there was darkness…

how else would you start a story?

the indian agent came to the rez today

without permission

without a reservation


i asked that guy dressed in a tailor made wool suit

can i get assimilated with a shake of colonization?

that business man thought i was joking

maybe that agent didn’t understand my sarcasm

so that indian agent gave me a treaty

says its to protect my interests

he gave me a nice hudson’s bay blanket too

says its to keep me warm during these cold winter nights

maybe that agent could see into the future…


a trickster creation story

my best friend isn’t a dog

my bff is, yes you got it, coyote

who once told me this creation story:


in the beginning, there was no darkness

just me, coyote

and some of my chums –

raven, nanabush, wesakejack, glooscap, spider

well, you get the picture,

a world full of tricksters

just – like – me

plus a little magic

and let’s not forget chaos – that’s a secret ingredient


well here you all are. a part of my dream

coyote dreams

so what does that make you?

yes that’s right. just a figment of my imagination

coyote imagination


boy oh boy was i bored

and if i was bored then of course so were the others

cause after a few hundred millennium you get tired

of all the same jokes,

tricking nanabush, teasing glooscap, seducing raven

it gets redundant you know

and people tend to get a little bit moody

and who needs a moody trickster around?

not me, that’s for sure

so, where was i?

oh yeah, creation…


so me, the president,

coyote president

and the rest of the trickster council gathered

around a nice blazing fire

together we decided what to do with our rising boredom

what to do, what to do, what to do

and guess what?

that’s where all of you guys come in!


(cue the epic music sequence)


we realized that there wasn’t enough conflict

like in a real good creation story

you know the kind, it all starts off with a big bang

or it takes many days to dream up existence of all life


in this creation story

we needed something special to fill up this empty world

and so we began to dig, dig, and dig some more

and the deeper into the pockets we dug

for all the lint in the world

we began to mold you

into what you are right now

ah sort of

minus the tails, that is

i know, i know, tails! how silly!

those things were always getting in the way…



this is where coyote gets carried away

ha! that’s funny, isn’t it?

that guy getting carried away?

that’s what they call an oxymoron


well this is what happened next

the trickster council set us all in the wrong places on this

turtle shaped island


anishnaabe were placed by the atlantic ocean

dene were placed in the nevada desert

and the cree, well, you know cree – they really were meant for travel

far and wide

so we, us humans, started great migrations by water and by foot

where the terrain was just right

and btw we have no memory of any land bridge

so don’t believe everything you read


a condensed version of coyote creation

so, there was darkness in every single one of us

that’s the way it goes in some creation stories

this time though, coyote was smart

and gave us flashlights

though at this time

we didn’t know how to use our thumbs

so nanabush gave us fire

but the trickster council didn’t mention anything about responsibility

so we humans destroyed ourselves




the first couple times

we didn’t destroy ourselves by our selves

we had lots of help

from yeah, you know who

coyote president

that guy is real tricky


one way was a flood

we didn’t know how to float

or swim for that matter

and we still didn’t know how to use our thumbs

so we had no tools, and with no tools, no boat


another time, well, we were lazy and starved

’cause our thumbs were still no use to us


this time,

coyote was demoted as president

and nanabush reigned as supervisor over the council

the first thing they bestowed upon us humans

was responsibility

then fire


we humans evolved

very slowly

and finally we learned how to use our thumbs

thanks to raccoon who showed us the way


we made a wheel, clubs, arrows, bows

then discovered a rising urge to fight over food

territory and copulation rights


here we are


nanabush and the trickster council

dared to dream

create through intention

and imagination

so that we would learn from them


this story was given to me from the little girl who i once was.

aho. miigwech.


2 thoughts on “creation stories

    • hey courtney!! thanks 🙂 yes, armand was one of my teachers/mentors back at the en’owkin centre. small world. how was the a b series? i really like bill bisset and what he does with sounds and rhythms. take care. and enjoy your holidays 🙂


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