national day of something… good thing you told me!

it’s crazy

to me and maybe to you too, i don’t know, we haven’t gotten that far in the conversation. this is my starter. maybe it’s a poor choice to start off here.

but it really is crazy

and now you’re wondering, what what what’s so crazy?


that people need to told to recognize, acknowledge, and treat others in a specific way

i guess people can’t think for themselves

or maybe people have to be told – hey you, it’s mother’s day, go get your mom some flowers

hey you, it’s national day of peace, remember that we need peace in the world and not so much violence

maybe it’s a good thing that these days have been officially claimed

to remind you

to remind me

what worries me, to be honest here, since this is what it’s about, honesty, truth

i worry that most people can’t think for themselves. we’ve lost our ability to think, to have our own thoughts, to be self responsible

perhaps, national day of people thinking for themselves, would be good national day to remind people and bring people together to think and to have their own thoughts

or pass a by-law

i sit sometimes and think about this. why can’t people be self responsible and think for themselves instead of waiting for a national day of action, of remembering or a by-law

no littering

zero impact zone

no bullying

we’ve become a society where governments and institutions do all the thinking for us. day to day we need to be reminded how to behave and if we forget well there’s a national day for that.

and sometimes it’s all about consumerism. valentine’s is coming up. you better not forget to treat your special loved one that you love them and cherish them. this is your one day to remember. how can you forget? it’s all in your face. we are bombarded by all the red and pinks and hearts leaping out at you – buy buy buy. and if you forget. boy oh boy. i’m sure you know what’s in store for you.

i personally like the day after valentine’s. chocolates are half off!


i wanna live in a world where people can think for themselves. and not leave it up for someone else to do their thinking for them.

i do see the value in national days too. don’t get me wrong. some days are good for celebrating like national prayer day. national day of water. national day of the family. national day of wild life. national day of winged ones. national day of human beings. national day of air.

one day, maybe sooner than later, we will celebrate and remember all those things that really matter, and let it be natural. be innate. and just do it without being told to do it or behave a certain way.

but for right now, we really do need to be told to be kind, to love, to accept one another, to recognize that we are humans, to respect the natural world, to celebrate life and all our diversity.

i am a dreamer though. come fly with me.


4 thoughts on “national day of something… good thing you told me!

  1. i posted this Dec 6, 2012 on FB…”I was called as one of 4 witnesses to a coming-of-age ceremony tonight and when asked to speak, recommended the young people being honored, surround themselves with good people who care about them and then take the risk of thinking for themselves, so that much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom might come to them that way”…


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