two years

of posting

miigwech for dropping by and responding

two years… now that’s commitment

the last few weeks i’ve been busy
deep inside this cave
as the snow piles up and over the fence outside

did i tell you that i went snowshoeing two weekends in a row?
once with metal snowshoes, we went up hills
seeking the last sun beams that peaked through tree limbs
tripping over branches that criss-crossed
underneath two feet of snow

another time with those old time snowshoes
the kind you see in museums or
at granny’s house hanging from the rafters lined up
with drying dandelions, sweetgrass, and underwear
those ones, the leather straps get loose and makes the boots
slide out, sideways, or under the shoe

every time a blink my eyes i snap a photo at the same time
i’ve got lots to show you

soon, i promise, soon


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