napowrimo – niizh (two)

the windows are tall-

er than me as so many other things in-

cluding both my daughters who laugh and pat

me on the head saying, oh mom you’re so cute. boy

oh boy that’s what she said comes to mind but

i don’t say a thing just smile hoping that one

day they don’t forget to hold me up or help straighten

my back or shoulders if they start to hunch over, yes

the winter has been long and the final drifts are finally

starting to melt away into the earth and into thick mud

puddles, and everything smells like poo

oh spring you are here and each night as those few stars

sparkle and dance to the honking of the geese who fly

so late at night it kinda freaks me out

that honking

echoing in the night

all this flashes from snapshots in my memory

as i see another big bird gain speed on the runway

up up and away

it’s weird that it really can fly


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