napowrimo – niiwin (four)

the days are warming up

when i’m outside my breath doesn’t billow out in crisp clouds

and my nostrils and eyelashes don’t form any icicles either

the layers of wool will be shed soon

and hopefully the layers of packed pounds

that kept me warm from winter’s wind

the nights are freezing

the maple forests thrive at this time of year

giving it’s sap water to those who tap

it is that time of year for cleansing

drink that maple water

wake those sleeping spirits

stretch out and reach for those sun rays breaking

through the bare tree limbs

find those seeds

and smudge ’em up with cedar smoke

dig into the earth as it loosens up under the sun

the light is longer each day

embrace it like a long lost friend

feast the new growth that’s on the way

watch how your shadow reaches across the land


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