napowrimo – nswi (three)

i guess mid-thirties, early forties gives you a wild card to say what you want without a filter

she came in with the biting spring wind

still feels like winter’s grip on this land

the discarded 24 hour newspaper flies out

but that old timmies cup lingers and rolls as the oc bus driver

accelerates as if this indeed is nascar and this bus is hiding its secret identity

the man she is with takes the window seat or

does she offer him that seat instead and turns the tables of chivalry?

her voice is lined with nights of chain smoking and slinging back

single malts aged to perfection

just the way she likes it and somehow i imagine the lines

in the face of her companion are like the scotch she frequents

a little rough going down but the end notes are the cat’s ass

here is where you learn lots about people watching

you notice body language

the way she talks about darryl from the walking dead

a real cougar leaves no detail to the imagination with her girlfriends

who will share this experience of sexual prowness

she talks about how darryl carries that cross bow

he must be in touch with his animal instincts which of course relates

to how darryl can devour her anytime

the way she is giving all these details on a packed bus well

she’s just showing off

or is this part of the flirtation practices?

i scribble in my field note book and take note of her

snake skin stiletto shoes and skinny jeans

the bus comes to an abrupt halt

she leads the way and the man follows

his eyes trailing from the shoes all the way up

and the last thing i hear from her is

yeah i’m glad andrea died i hated that bitch

damn you!! i didn’t see the last episode

i sit at the back of the bus with watery eyes

looking out at the melting snow muddled with garbage


2 thoughts on “napowrimo – nswi (three)

  1. This was a great way to end my morning on the bus – I think I need to have my earbuds on less, in order to witness such fun.


    • early mornings nothing usually happens
      every.single.person is still waking up
      eyes half closed and heads jerking back up
      yeah a bit half a sleep
      afternoons are best and worst depending on how you look at it
      i carry a book and read
      one year i was reading a book every two weeks
      that’s when i was really into the sci fi and crime dramas maybe i should visit that genre again
      ps. iamthrilled that you read and commented today. miigwech niijii.


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