napowrimo – ngodwaaswi (six)

the cars are lining up

n’ down the drive like ants

trailing one behind another keen on the task at hand

but not really like ants


cuz ants be like

all communal, working for the good of the colony with each breath

joint efforts build great homes for every single

one who lives in the territory has basic living conditions covered


if one falls

no matter how far away

twitching antenae sends out the alert

cuz every single one of those ants

has purpose

has value

if one is missing it is noticed

and when that one who has fallen is found

they are carried back by just one

over fallen trees

under moss covered squirrel bones

across sticks acting like bridges

and down steep and jagged trails

into subterranean homes


these people driving up

n’ down the drive are not like these ants

the cars exceed sixty in a forty kilometer school zone

some push pass the red lights

some lean hard on horns at elders shuffling across

some get stuck in the middle of intersections


this is not communal

this is not working for the collective good

these cars trailing one behind another

lack the sophistication

lack the social awareness

lack the intelligence

of something so simple

as ants


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