napowrimo – nshwaaswi (eight)


i was late so i ran down the alley

the broken asphalt glistened with rain

the slugs were busy with their slow walk

they didn’t see me coming to run for cover

my foot came down heavy on the big juicy guy and slid one way while the other

split in the opposite direction

i got up quick and whimpered all the way to the bus stop

slugs hold a power that i revere


another time,

the puddles gathered each rain drop with dedication

as the earth below sucked it all down

and me,

i was goofing off

and i was doing the moon walk

my foot slid back into the puddle and kept on going

the other foot stayed exactly in a perfect arch

that day i resolved to quit trying to cool like micheal

accept my awkward antics and be cool with coyote


the other day,

the earth softened up in the early spring sun

i was walking the curb as if it was a high wire

my foot slipped

as it gave way and my ankle kissed the moist earth

it was a perfect union

my body wanted more so i gave in

landing hard

my body against the earth so inviting

caressing the earth with scraped hands

i offer the trickle of blood

from palms and knees

acknowledging again that i have only so much control and with each breath

change can happen in beats






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