napowrimo – mdaaswi shi bezhig (eleven)

i sat in the front row of a makeshift stage at the roundhouse with this closeness i breathed in her mvskoke scent smelling like mounds of earth reminding me of the connection between this planet and the constellations pass the aurora

she wore a red satin blouse and wine stained lips that held a reed as she talked about who she is in relation to the mvskoke, the land, the water, the air

all wrapped up in an ancient language that speaks truth that we are from this earth and why we call her mother

she blew into the mouthpiece revealing a mastery of breath and discipline as the words flowed like the wind across those earth mounds gathering a mystery of syllables

afterwards i told her how much i loved her as the heat rose in my body

i meant to say that i loved her poetry but really it is her and she is it

she is a map to the next world

she holds the secrets to the center of the world

she had some horses

she is crazy brave digging deep for the spirit chorus triggering an awakening to self and memory held in blood coursing like rivers to fingertips to page to ears to heart to spirit to release



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