napowrimo – mdaaswi shi niizh (twelve)

there are boys out there living in nova scotia who are hiding behind a word that i have learned to associate with getting off the hook of crimes that should be punished

there are boys out there living in winnipeg who hid behind this same word as a young native woman died in blood soaked snow

there are boys who have parents who hire lawyers to find some loophole furthering the victimization by using this same word over and over again

there are men out there living in every community who lived entire lives by shifting focus on little kids innocence being so alluring that by golly how can you resist

they say history repeats itself and i believe this to be true

because every single day she is the one

who is allegedly beaten by those boys who are their neighbors and maybe she changed their shitty diapers at one time or another

who is allegedly gang raped by those boys who took pictures and videos then posted them on the internet and within moments it went viral

when i hear that word allegedly my chest gets tight and there’s thunder in my throat

because i know that this won’t be the last time

because history does repeat itself




4 thoughts on “napowrimo – mdaaswi shi niizh (twelve)

  1. I wish I could explain how much I agree and how strongly I agree, Just like when people choose not to see something, or are to afraid to face the truth.

    A very true and Beautiful poem.


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