napowrimo – mdaaswi shi niiwin (fourteen)

be the one who stands alone

if needed raise your voice speaking truth



our elders say to speak with one mind one heart

miinwaa zaagiidiwin and love

our elders mnowendang, “semaa baagdina giiwedinong, shaawanong, waabanong miinwaa epingishmog”

our elders say good things, “offer tobacco to the four directions north, south, east and west”

our elders teach us about shkikimi-kwe mother earth

that provides everything so that we may live well

mino bemaadiziwin

our elders teach us that we must walk easy on shikimi-kwe


teachings given with love

and we ignore all that is taught by the daily decisions from consuming

exotic food imported from poverty stricken countries

guzzle gas from dirty oil corporations

dreams of new cars, bigger houses, more shoes, more clothes, more toys

cloud our sacred visions


our elders teach us to respect one another and honour our lifegivers

while we beat one another with our lightning words

while we witness women living in violence and silence

while we see children shrinking behind places to hide


our elders teach us to listen with open hearts

that’s what makes us human



our spirits must lift above the darkness

our spirits will find flight on currents of peace

with the guidance from our elders

who speak from the space around us

the teachings ride the wind, walk in our dreams

in our collective consciousness

hold the tobacco and listen with open hearts

be brave




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