napowrimo – mdaaswi shi ngodwaaswi (sixteen)

i had a thought

i lost it

somewhere between here and there

over there perhaps between the books lining the shelves

maybe it settled with the dust along the floorboards


as i walked from one room to the next

it was there i was thinking it

traveling from the memory place

passing vocal chords to the tip of the tongue

it was ready to leap into existence


call me raven

with eyes on the glittering specks of dust

thoughts are like light traveling

breaking the sound barriers

while other times


thoughts are the stew that lingers for too many moments


becoming something more

insisting that it is more important than any other thought ever

moving throughout the body until you feel it in every cell


perhaps this dance with keeping memories can be reconciled at this point in my life

where a thought is fleeting from one breath to the next

and in between i focus on the feeling


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