napowrimo – mdaaswi shi nshwaaswi (eighteen)

if my sister

lived to be my big sister i imagine

her with feathered hair perfecting that farah fawcette

look at her skin tight jeans that flared out over cowboy

boots matching daddy’s right down to the western shirts

i imagine

her loving eddie rabbit and she would live for the rain

thunder and lightning would dance around her

as she sang

i love a rainy night

such a wonderful sight

i love to hear the thunder

watch the lightning

when it lights up the sky

you know it makes you feel good

at this point she would be lifting me off the ground

swinging me around so that i wouldn’t be scared anymore


i wonder

if that baby that i dream of so often is her

looking after me from beyond where spirits

wait for us to journey to each night

i swaddle her little baby body

breathing in her sweet scent of honey and wild rice

the thunder rumbling in the distance wakes me

as lightning lights up the skies

and i know that she would have

enjoyed waking to this weather

just like me


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