napowrimo – mdaaswi shi zhaangswi (nineteen)

he was walking in front of her

tugging at her to hurry up already

he doesn’t know that he should be walking behind her

trusting that she will lead the way to his favourite spots

he probably goes home afterwards and dry humps her leg

and probably all her friends that come over for afternoon

tea and biscuits


i know the kind

the one who yanks and pulls

your body stumbles this way and that

way to his favourite pissing spot at the corner

is an old trans am with flattened tires

he sniffs sniffs sniffs as if that was the first time 

ever he’s been here and oh wait who’s

that smell here before me

lift his little short leg

and kick up dirt that flies in

her little wrinkled face scrunches up

oh bother you are one wicked pup


he goes on yanking


all the home


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