napowrimo – niizhtana (twenty)

no one really knows where the salmon

go after the spawning season

eggs are hatched they feed they grow

they swim to an ancient calling from deep within cells

of memory swelling with currents and tides


no one really knows what salmon

dream of when they swim around boxed in farms

do they dream of swimming with currents

following a choreographed dance since the beginning

do they dream of how the stars dance on the surface

following constellations that lead the way

do they dream of being free once again

do they dream of their own spawn swimming those currents

following those constellations

following the northern lights to where all spirits go


no one really knows what the salmon dream of

visions of canoes on the water

button blankets swaying to longhouse songs

songs for the salmon

dances for the salmon

feasts for the salmon

these are ancestral practices

those songs we sing today

those dances we dance today

are in every cell and every breath


no one really knows what the salmon

dreams of

maybe its the same dreams we all have

of freedom

do we follow those currents tides and constellations

do we all want to go where the northern lights show us who we are

my friend tells me that salmon will show us the way

is this what she means

to dream the same salmon dream



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