napowrimo – niizhtana shi ngodwaaswi (twenty six)


not sure how those guys do it

gathering leaves, twigs, and recycling garbage found in the park

hiking it up the trunk of twenty feet tall oak trees

near the very top where the branches are thinnest

nests are made

sturdy to withstand sixty kilometer winds

and warm enough in forty below winters

i am amazed



the little black squirrel scratched around in the earth

as i walked closer the squirrel stood up on the hindlegs

wringing paws like a worried mother

exposing her wet little breasts

she watches me as a walk by

i know that look of survival

i recognize the joy of motherhood



chasing each other across the grass

up the tree trunks

through the low brush

hiding behind the trees

he catches the one he chases and they go tumbling

somersaulting across the trimmed lawn

black fur rolling catching the ends of green grass

at a stop they look at each other

holding that crazed gaze

and they start making their squeaky squirrel

noises or is that laughter?



at the park bench an old woman sits

leaning on her walker she digs into a little bag filled with nuts

she opens one for herself

and another for her little squirrel friend

who sits by her

they both nibble on the nuts while the shells pile up

two souls finding comfort amongst the squeals

of children and black squirrels giving chase

playing the same games

enjoying the same park

under the same sun


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