napowrimo – niizhtana shi nshwaaswi (twenty eight)

evolution is cruel

all i want is a tail so that i can hang from trees

or wrap it around my young ones’ tails entwined as we sleep

i imagine that having a tail would be so much fun, the monkeys seem to enjoy it


if not a tail

wings at least so i could feel the wind in the higher atmosphere

and fly in formation migrating to distant lands


the legs i have are short keeping me close to the ground

perhaps there is something i need to learn

or understand

from the land


2 thoughts on “napowrimo – niizhtana shi nshwaaswi (twenty eight)

    • storm says to me, mom i can’t take you serious with those short legs, as she towers over me by 2 inches. she laughs all the time at me. tell her to stop. I’M REALLY TALL!! lol. jk. i’m short and close to the ground and if i fall i don’t have far to land.


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