napowrimo niizhtana shi zhaangswi (twenty nine)

the redwire office in the downtown eastside

in one word – lively


if you were strong enough to walk up the five flight of stairs

or have a race with someone and take the elevator

the one taking the stairs always won

as you rounded the corner laughter would greet you

that’s how we’ve survived since the beginning of…

never mind i’m not gonna say it

but you know where i am heading with this

this is a love poem by the way


in those early days, deadlines were always there waiting

debates about the cover of the next issue

or how to deal with hate mail

sexism homophobia racism ageism

if you read these letters or emails with a hillbilly accentit helps the wounds heal that much faster


redwire stoked the burning embers to a nice fire

at times

other times it was like pouring gasoline on the embers till a bonfire roared

this is a good thing

redwire wanted to free that thunder and lightning in the memories and give voice to release

that was always there waiting to be unleashed

anger does help with the process of decolonization

if you hold on to it and push it down

anger festers

goes rotten and creates an inner turmoil


each issue was a celebration to those incarcerated giving them a peak

and perhaps sparking hope

that the young people were fighting there way out of oppression


each issue brought many people together

creating collaborating cyphers

intelligence in every page

turned into steps leading a way forward

for many into a distinguished future of art practices

still laced with that original fire of


and evolution

of redwire


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