end of napowrimo

ahhh!!! i did it! big sigh of relief. congratulations all my fellow writers who participated in this year’s poem a day. it’s been a pleasure to read new poems each day and witness acts of bravery and mastery, at times, it was a tough go! i appreciate each one of you who stopped by here to read the poems i wrote and started following my blog. thanks napowrimo! i do love poetry. and it’s nice to know other people do too. and it’s even nicer to know that people actually read other’s people poetry. now that’s solidarity!

i am the type of writer who sits and thinks about what to write about. i do research. i let the idea flow in my body and let it grow till it’s ready to come out on the page or screen in this matter. this is the first time that i participated in this type of exercise. it took lots of commitment. this is also the first time that i would write a poem without any rounds and rounds of editing. my process was to pick something that stood out for me that day and write about it. it was a good challenge. although, i would press “post” and then wince later when i read the poem and saw typos and all kinds of errors. i wanted to scream at times. ahhhhh!! oh well. i am looking forward now to collecting all the poems and editing them. and maybe taking the time to add some photos to each poem. when i was visiting other sites i noticed all the creativity on the pages. there are many blogs that look fantastic. maybe it’s time for a change. we’ll see.

i also experimented a lot with the language of my ancestors, anishnaabemowin. it’s from the algonquin language group. and my family is odawa and ojibwe so the dialects are a bit different. some of my relatives are fluent speakers. and me, well, i try. wish me luck! it’s a beautiful language. it’s all fluid like water running over pebbles and small rocks.

i am looking forward to visiting more blogs and to keep reading your words and sharing words with you. keep writing. keep blogging.

gchi miigwech – many many thanks 🙂



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