one who beads has vision


almost finished. beads on paper. roughly: eight inches wide by four inches high.

before you sit down to bead

get comfortable

put on some tunes

make a pot of tea

surround yourself with beads, thread, scissors

and some extra beading needles ’cause you just never know

take a moment

let the vision come

a picture in your mind

of fire on the horizon at dusk

imagine the sparks

how the blue goes through so many variations at dusk

transforming the light of day, mesmerizing me

and those dancing lights in the northern skies

are all caught in that moment of creation

and you’ve just got to bead

hours become days

the weight of the paper begins to bend

but not fold

as beads spread across the fresh canvas

one who beads has vision

holding steady in the imagination

a single thought becomes art


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