ode’min giizis – strawberry moon


under the pines

strawberry plants blossom

their vines reach across the arid earth

like hands reaching out to touch one another

 the plants grow close together

avoid crushing them under my big feet

bare and calloused from running the dirt road

each day i water the little plants

whisper to them, how pretty they are

with their white petals and red vines

and little yellow centers


each day the berries are brighter and bigger

and more beautiful with the praise i offer



the final petals have fallen

through this act of letting go

it makes way for transformation



ode’min heart berries

bake in the sun releasing

a fragrance that beckons me to come

pick them as each one falls

effortlessly into my open palms

the plumpness weighs heavy in my hand

the sweet nectar rises to me

the delicate sweetness dances on taste buds

reviving a love from that first taste


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