reblog “walking through the tar sands to heal the land”

“We truly want healing for the land and we truly need healing for the hearts of the people. For the people here in Alberta that are experiencing the heartbreak of witnessing this destruction first hand, but also for the people in ‘power’ that are making the detrimental decisions that will affect so many of us in the long term.

Some days I have a deep sense of sorrow and find it is hard to feel things are changing – but on most days I know they are. In the past 6 years since I started researching and campaigning against this gigaproject in our backyards, I didn’t think we would see so many people start to care about what was happening in the tar sands over the past number of years.

The most uplifting part for me during the Healing Walk was not only feeling and seeing the healing take place but also sensing passion igniting in people hearts. I think many people walked away changed that day – and I know many more will join us in our fight to create a new vision for the land, people and climate and work in solidarity with us here in Alberta.”

by Melina


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