seed within so alluring or #practicalnish

IMG_2548seed within so alluring or #practicalnish

under the skin

is a flesh filled berry

that i dare not taste

as there is no lack of abundance

gleaning in the august heat wave



birds reject this sweet looking


kinda berry

for the first taste

and if,

insects do not attempt to carve out holes burying

deeper into the nectar

for more than one morsel


i will capture the beauty

in this shot there is a seed


by vines running in the leaves

these bright orange berries bulging on the branches

everything seems so perfect

and perhaps

under this tender looking berry skin

lies a real deadly poison

it just might be highly possible

that sometimes

it is best not to find out for yourself

but to learn from those around you

the birds know

and the same as the insects

there are just too many variables

to be untrue

this knowledge has been tested


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