Sacred Spaces ===>> Everywhere

DSCF5514The above photo is taken at the petrogylphs on the Anishnaabe akiing of the Curve Lake First Nations community near Peterborough, ON.

Sacred Spaces ===>> Everywhere

Do you remember the time we walked in the bush and you had a name for every tree, plant, and you even knew what it was good for. We were only kids at the time but somehow you knew. I asked where you learned it from and you said you always knew. Then you asked me how come I forgot?

That question I couldn’t answer. All I remember is how uncomfortable I felt like I was gonna puke my guts out. So you picked ________ and told me to put it in my mouth. I did. And I felt better.

We chased each other and played hide and seek. One time you couldn’t find me and you yelled out my name over and over again. I ignored you because I found a little cave. I went in and your voice became more and more faint. The cave welcomed me. I officially found the best hiding spot in the world. I imagined that I would go down in history, at least tribal history as the one who finds the best spots to hide and never be found.

The cave was just big enough to walk around in. There were rocks lined up to look like seats, a table, and a place to sleep. So I sat down on the hard rock and pretended to eat some warm fry bread and blueberry jam. I pretended to get tired and laid down on the rock hard bed. I pretended to sleep and dream.

I dreamt that this is where our grandmas and grandpas came as little kids and played house. Or that time grandma told us she ran away from Residential School and this was her palace that protected her. And she is the one who lined up these stones to look like the home she was taken away from.

I dreamt that this is where our cousins ran away to when their dad came home drunk and began to beat their mother for no reason that made any sense. Our little cousins played house and talked to each other in ways that sounded more like love. They made it all up and made some new memories.

This place was magic. It was sacred. I heard your foot steps approaching so I kept on pretending to sleep. When you came in you knelt down by my bed and grabbed my hand and kissed it. You stroked my hair and my cheek. You whispered that I was beautiful.

I dreamt that we were riding on our stick horses and galloping top speed away from home because they caught us kissing. And we found this cave.


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