it all depends where you land

DSCF5551it all depends where you land

caught on the wind

a seed blows on currents

trusting in the unknown


landing on solid rock

the pine seed cracks

open to the force of creativity

allowing roots to travel and grasp

unto moss spreading like fingers reaching

and secure it’s grip along the edges



now, years have passed

there is a gathering of circles within bark

holding itself together for one more year


the wind comes

blowing against the land

the seeds travel once again on currents

happy to take flight

the speed of the wind picks up

tangling in the branches

ripping away from tree trunk

and pulling up it’s roots

ripping away from those edges

with acceptance


3 thoughts on “it all depends where you land

  1. I’m not so sure its ALL chance. I imagine there is something underlying all that we see and experience. Maybe we take cause and effect too seriously, carry them too far, yet we might do the same with chance. Perhaps there is a subtle movement underneath the surface of things that carries deep meaning and our fates.


    • i’m sure there is something going on a deeper level. after i wrote this poem, i was conflicted because i didn’t explore it enough. i wanted to get an idea down. when i saw this tree in the park i was thinking, man what luck to land on a rock and still want to grow and finding a way to grow. and as you can see, it did grow for a number years until that chi noodin (big wind) came. i agree that we do experience what we have to in order to grow and develop a higher awareness. hopefully 🙂


    • ps/ i’ve update the poem upon reflection of your feedback and also to delve a bit further into what i was thinking. there’s still something else that i want to add. re-write, re-write, re-write. thanks for your feedback michael 🙂


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