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Whe-Wa of Zuni

Dear all Medicine People from the 4 directions,

I do not care how old you are, I do not care what spiritual tradition or tribe you come from, I do not care if you are a sundancer, I do not care if you are full blooded, if you are Mexica, Orisha, or First Nation. None of that excuses you from spreading stories and ideas that degrade women and erase the histories of two spirit people.

I will no longer stand to hear stories in which women are portrayed as less than or subservient to a men being passed off as traditional stories. These are lies, women have always either been equal to men or seen as more worthy of leadership than men because they know how to bring life into the world, they know how to keep peace, and they know how to tell men that battles and war are…

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  1. Here is the response I posted.. still awaiting moderation:

    Aho, anonymous.
    I would like to add, if I may, some words recently revealed to me by Spirit and the Mystical world. As I was spoken to plainly, I was told that I should also speak these lessons plainly. I ask you to hear the words of my heart speaking to your heart; my spirit talking to your spirit.
    To those gay men who call themselves Two Spirit. You may put on a skirt to dance and to do ceremony. You may self-identify as you choose. You may be choose to be, or be chosen to be, leaders in your own circles.
    Putting on that skirt for those few moments does not let you know how it is like to walk in the moccasins or skin of a woman, cisgender or transgender.
    When you continue to “put women in their place”, try to control how & where & what they receive as revelation from Creator or the Mystical Beings; when you control how women speak and walk in ceremony, and how they walk their path; when you seek to control even their connection to Spirit; then you are no different than those heterosexist and misogynist men anonymous speaks of.
    Not all gay people are Two Spirit. Not all transgender people are Two Spirit. Not all Two Spirit people are gay or transgender. That is another myth, Spirit told me.
    The way of the Two Spirit is to walk in balance of both genders, and to walk with the energy of no gender, and to Walk Between the genders. It is to be in tune with the Mystical World, and to treat all genders equally, indeed all beings equally. Those of us who truly Walk Between, have special insights. That is the way Creator put us here. And that is good, Spirit told me.
    All Medicine Workers walk also with shadow. Is our walk good? Do we walk in authenticity? Do we walk our path in a good way? How is our dance with shadow?
    Until we embrace the Divine Feminine, this world will not heal.
    This does not mean that we push aside the Divine Masculine.
    Let me be clear about the difference here. Heterosexism, heteronormative binary, and misogyny have no place with the Divine Masculine. Domesticate us in that way no more! Use these ways to manipulate us no more.
    Let us put aside the ways of misogyny, the industrial age and consumerism at all cost, plundering, conquering, rape, abuse, and war; and walk with them no longer.
    If you find my words harsh… if you find the words of anonymous harsh… then I humbly ask you to sit with those feelings for a while. Maybe even it would be good to smoke as you sit with this. I ask you to watch more closely how you speak, how you walk, how you teach by example.
    That walk is difficult for all of us. We will fall at times. Do we accept and own our mistakes? Do we strive to do better?
    The time of embracing the Divine Feminine is here… and oh so important. As we learn to do so, let us embrace the Divine Masculine. Let us also learn to embrace the Divine Between.
    Creator has revealed to me that it is time for me to speak plainly about these things.
    The spirits are indeed watching and waiting.
    Mitakuye Oyasin


    • hey dominique, miigwech for sharing your thoughts on this subject. i’ve been reminded by many teachers that we need learn balance between the masculine and feminine energies that we carry inside each of us.

      my own feelings and thoughts are that we are moving further and further away from a history that was intent on blocking the feminine experience or to control, subdue, and take away power, which we’ve seen over the millennia be played out throughout the world in wars, colonialism, hierarchy, consumerism. the further we move forward in time we will look back at this history and shake our heads and think of how barbaric we were to treat women without the respect and honour they deserve.

      i am hopeful that people will regain some semblance of who we truly are and come back to a more balanced way of life so that we can all move forward and become more enlightened beings.

      there’s still lots of work to do.

      aho, miigwech 🙂


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