wild rice dreams is coming

I’ve gotten use to waiting. And I’ve become a real pro.

I waited for the bus to come. For the blueberries to ripen under the summer sun. For the ice to melt on the Mississauga River. For the last quarter of the moon to become full in a dark blue star blanket.

And I’ve waited for my first book of poetry, “wild rice dreams” to come to life in print form.

And the wait is almost up.

Yes you heard it right.

“wild rice dreams” is at the print shop. Words are being printed on blank white pages. Pages are being pulled together and bounded between the covers waiting for you to hold them and to share them.

I am the bubble bee landing on the first flower ready to take that sweet nectar after a long winter sleep. I am the sap coursing through the maple trees ready to be tapped. I am the hand drum resonating with each beat.

I am grateful for this opportunity to share the collection of poetry with you. I’ve been in the state of dreaming for a long time and in hibernation with this gift. Now it is time to blossom and share this bounty with all of you. Soon, very soon.

I will keep you updated with book launches or how you can order this publication on-line.

Gchi miigwech to all my teachers, friends, allies, and family along my path who helped inspire me, lead me, and encourage me. And many thanks to the few who said I had no talent and was not an artist or writer. In some ways you were some of my greatest teachers that taught me to believe in my self, craft, talent, and to overcome the hate directed at me. Gchi Miigwech!

Here’s a link to Amazon that is already advertising it and also Bookland Press to stay tuned:



Stay tuned!


10 thoughts on “wild rice dreams is coming

  1. Congratulations Vera … I am so happy for you! Are you having a launch? Please let me know when it becomes available.


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