lost tobacco tin

IMG_1673lost tobacco tin

lost tobacco tin


it was an ordinary dayeverything was the way it should be

giizis was right there high in the skyowning all the majestic blue space around laughing at the idea of gravity as his round body hovered in the air


traveling the bike path along gchi ziibii working up a good pace when

something shiny catches my one raven’s eye

forcing a quick and awkward u-turn

i have to search for aw zhoonyaahidden under a patch of clover

my raven’s eye pulls focus and altersthis once ordinary day


this one has an imageits so cliche that i snatch up that tobacco tin

holding it uptowards the farthest parts of the sky

reaching past the troposphere

further past the stratosphere

beyond the mesosphere, thermosphere, and the exosphere

until there is no more phere to get past


i am touching the milky way feeling like

the luckiest nish around to scorea lost vintage artifact

in fact, it’s like… i am some kinda nish archaeologist

uncovering a long lost piece of the puzzleof who i really am

scrutinizing it further,tracing a finger around the rim, wondering

what is this semaa tin doing here?


there is a heavinesswith this pondering feeling like

the saddest kwe around realizing that this tobacco tin yearns

it dreams ofa gathering of little semaa ties

carrying many prayers, stitched together

in lines along clan and family colours of ribbon


these once simpletobbaco tins transforminto swaying jingles

in a mid-summer breeze,clinking together during a side-step slide

as beaded makizinan connectwith medicine, the strength from the earth


my emotions resonate from the beat within

as my heart tunes into the healing songs feeling like

the craziest aabe around as i can hearchiming jingles

lifting from this lost tobacco tin


i wipe off the black earth caked around the edgesand polish it

against the elbow of my sweater

i place it in my inside pocket close to n’ode feeling like

the one nish who believes in chance and possibilities


anishnaabemowin – the good beings words

giiziis – sun or moon

gchi ziibii – great river

aw zhoonyaa – that piece of something shiny, and also refers to money

nish – slang for anishnaabe

semaa – tobacco

kwe – refers to female gender

makizinan – shoe(s) plural form  *it’s turned into slang – moccasins, which really mean shoes – of all kinds

aabe – refers to a being


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